Marketing and Sales

Marketing strategy is an essential part of the general business strategy of any company at each stage of its development, especially when trying to establish a foothold in a new country. This is usually a very time-consuming and costly process as foreign companies lack the knowledge of the local market, regulations, and business customs.

Easy Way helps you to meet these challenges and to become successful in the Russian market. You can outsource all marketing and promotion activities in Russia through our company. Our marketing and sales services are aimed at helping overseas companies to develop their business in Russia, to occupy a significant market share, and to constantly increase their sales. Easy Way helps you to choose the most suitable strategy for entering the Russian market, depending on the needs of your business. We provide a full range of marketing and sales activities for promoting your products in Russia, including market research, development of marketing strategy, organization of trade missions, support at trade fairs, conferences, and other events, promotion of your goods and services with digital marketing tools.

What we offer
Advanced marketing and sales activities to boost your business in Russia
Market research
Market research gives an understanding of the target market and helps to develop the appropriate marketing strategy.
Trade fair support
Our services include fair preparation, organization of business meetings during the event, presentation and interpretation services.
Digital marketing
Website development, SEO, search advertising, SMM, sales and marketing automation, implementation of a CRM system.